About Earth Mamma Massage

About Earth Mamma Massage

I am a Sonoma County resident, and have lived in Santa Rosa, California for over 12 years. I relish the community and our lush surroundings. Sonoma County is a unique place to live, work, and play. Being a local business owner in Santa Rosa and its surrounding communities is exciting, it provides me the opportunity to meet with other local business owners and to connect with passionate people.

When I am not working you can find me gardening, painting, or satisfying one of my many other creative outlets. I spend much of my free time with my husband and our dog, Beards Lee.

I graduated with honors from the National Holistic Institute in 2011 and immediately immersed myself into building my own practice. I gained additional experience by working at a number of high end spas throughout Santa Rosa and the greater north bay, and I continue to seek out unique techniques and treatments for individual healing.

I have always had a call to be a healer and when I found massage, it made sense. I truly enjoy the a-ha moments. It’s satisfying to see the visible change in a person’s body or mood when the work is done. It could be a deep tissue massage which transforms a person from being in pain to not being in pain, or a relaxing Swedish massage for people who need to add a little TLC into their lives, I find my own comfort with the work and service I provide.

Initially, people seek my services because they have a specific pain or injury. With my knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, I am able to intuitively locate where the pain they feel originates from. This combination of healing provides my clients with insight as to how their own body works and they are able to go home with that understanding, enabling them to heal.